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Buy Hipp Milk formula for infant to toddlers in bulk at cheap cost. First of all, it comes from a long-standing tradition. We already started practising organic farming over 60 years ago.

At that time, organic farming wasn’t a major subject. We went against the flow and promoted organic farming with complete conviction. In doing so, we set new standards in the quality of baby food.

HiPP Milk Formula from infant to toddler

HiPP only uses milk from farms that fully comply with the guidelines of organic farming.
Cows are kept in conditions appropriate for their species; they graze on natural meadows where no mineral fertilisers or chemical, synthetic agents are used.

The natural grass, hay and grains they eat ensure the best organic quality for our milk that is so rich in nutrients. This makes organic milk for HiPP milk formulae such a valuable food.

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