Firepower Wood Pellets are premium, highly-calorific wood pellets renowned for their impressive heat output, making them ideal for biomass boilers. These pellets are ENPlus A1 accredited and BSL authorised, ensuring top-quality performance.

Firepower Pellets Wholesale

Experience efficient and safe heating with Firepower Pellets. As one of the UK’s best-selling sustainably sourced biomass wood fuel products, Firepower Pellets are the ultimate choice for keeping your home comfortably warm, all at an excellent value.

Firepower wood Pellets Wholesale at factory prices fmcgtradecenter

Important features: 

  • 6mm wood pellet
  • 65 bags of 13 layers of 5 bags on the pallet
  • ENPlus A1 accredited and BSL authorised

Firepower pellets are packed into durable plastic 15kg bags that are easy to handle when dispensing into the pellet tray. This 65-bag order has a total mass of 975kg per pallet.

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