Gosset Grande Réserve Brut 0,75L

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Champagne Gosset Grande Réserve Brut for Sale

La Grande Réserve Brut is a champagne for true gourmets. The Gosset cuvée is composed of 43% chardonnay, 42% pinot noir and 15% pinot meunier, which gives it a deliciously powerful character with notes of juicy fruit pulp. Gosset Grande Réserve Brut for sale at FMCGTRADECENTER.FR

Its color is light and golden. On the nose, the champagne seduces with its frank notes of blackcurrant, Indian wheat, dried fruits and gingerbread. On the palate, the cuvée impresses with its fresh and mineral aromas, combined with rich wine notes. Serve Grande Réserve Brut at a temperature of 8-10°C with sweet and savory dishes or tagines.

Type of champagneBlanc
Flavourberries, fruit, red fruits, wine
bar code3353210012217
ABV12% Vol.
Weight1.80 kg
Country of originFrance
Manufacturer or importerChampagne Gosset, 12, Rue Godart Roger, 51200 Epernay, France
Additional informationcontains sulfites

When is a Rosé Champagne not a Rosé Champagne?

As Champagne Gosset releases its long-awaited Celebris Rosé 2008, the house’s cellar master reveals why the wine turns any traditional notion of pink fizz on its head. More so, Gosset Grande Réserve Brut distributors and exporters within European Union countries.

The very notion of his wine containing bubbles is to de Varine an irrelevance: “The only reason we have bubbles in our wine is to prevent from oxidisation,” he explains, keen to stress that it is by no means a stylistic preference for this particular wine.

Nor, it seems, is the wine’s blush-copper tone, with de Varine going on to explain that Celebris Rosé is, in fact, only  “a rosé by consequence.”

Weight1.8 g


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