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Kinder Bueno Chocolate

Original Kinder Bueno is a chocolate biscuit and wafer confection made by Italian confectionery maker Ferrero. Part of the Kinder Chocolate brand line, Kinder Bueno contains a hazelnut-cream-filled wafer covered in milk chocolate and a dark chocolate drizzle.

Kinder Bueno launched in 1990 and now available in 60 countries. It is sold in packs of two, three, six, and boxes of twelve.

Where to Buy Chocolate Bars

The Kinder Bueno bar is made in the factories of France and Warsaw, Poland. As of 2022, a new production facility for the North American market is being constructed in Bloomington, Illinois.

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Available Product range

  • Kinder Bueno
  • Kinder Bueno White – Kinder Bueno coated with white chocolate and covered in cocoa meringue pieces
  • Kinder Bueno Coconut – Kinder Bueno with hazelnut cream encased in a coconut milk and white chocolate-covered wafer bar dusted with coconut flakes, It was discontinued in the UK in 2019.
  • Kinder Bueno Dark – Kinder Bueno covered in dark chocolate.
  • Kinder Bueno Gray – Kinder Bueno covered in gray chocolate. (Scrapped)
  • Kinder Bueno Mini – Bite-sized and individually wrapped Kinder Bueno. Also available in Mini Mix bags, which contains a mix of classic, dark and white Kinder Bueno Mini.
  • Kinder Bueno Advent Calendar – Advent calendar containing a mix of classic, dark and white Kinder Bueno Mini
  • Kinder Bueno Eggs – Mini chocolate easter eggs
  • Kinder Bueno Ice Cream – Cone ice cream, available in the classic and white chocolate flavour



MILK chocolate 31.5% (sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, skimmed MILK powder, concentrated BUTTER, emulsifier: lecithins (SOYA), vanillin), sugar, palm oil, WHEAT flour, HAZELNUTS (10.5%), skimmed MILK powder, MILK powder, chocolate (sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, emulsifier: lecithins (SOYA), vanillin), fat-reduced cocoa, emulsifier: lecithins (SOYA), raising agent (sodium bicarbonate), salt, vanillin. Total milk constituents: 19.5%.

Kinder Bueno 43g – Full Case of 30x43g

Milk chocolate covered wafer with smooth milky and hazelnut filling.

These Kinder Bueno Milk Chocolate are delicate chocolate bars with an indulgent taste. Each melt-in-the-mouth piece promises creamy hazelnut, smooth chocolate and crispy wafer to enjoy. A delicious twist on the classic chocolate, that has been loved by the nation for years!

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  • Each case contains 30 Kinder Bueno Milk Chocolate packs.
  • Each pack contains two bars of Kinder Bueno Milk Chocolate.
  • Each pack weighs approx. 43g.
  • Each sold in a plastic wrapper.
  • Suitable for vegetarians.

What is Kinder Bueno?

Kinder Bueno is a unique chocolate bar with a taste experience that defies expectation.
Beneath a blanket of smooth milk chocolate lies a thin, crispy wafer filled with a creamy hazelnut filling, all topped with a delicate, dark chocolate drizzle.
Both individually wrapped Kinder Bueno bars are satisfying but not heavy, with a texture that is anything but expected.


1. Where can I buy Kinder Bueno in Bulk?
Fmcg Trade Center is your reliable vendor, we supply within Europe and Worldwide at incredible rate.

2. When was Kinder Bueno created?
Michele Ferrero created Kinder Bueno in 1990. He wanted to create a chocolate bar that was more refined and sophisticated than anything else that existed in the marketplace. So, he created Kinder Bueno, an extraordinary chocolate bar that has a unique combination of textures and flavors and a delicate dark chocolate drizzle to top it off.

3. Where does the name Kinder Bueno come from?
Bueno means ‘tasty’ or ‘good’ in Spanish and we think it captures the chocolate bar’s exceptional taste.

4. What goes into each Kinder Bueno bar?
We carefully select all ingredients according to our high standards of excellence in quality, freshness, and we are committed to their environmental sustainability. The full ingredient list can be found on the product label or in the Ingredients section above.

5. Which markets Do you Supply Kinder Bueno?
Original Kinder Bueno chocolate bars, exported to 60 countries around the world, from Brazil, to Hong Kong to South Africa. And as of November 2019,  sold in the US!

6. How should I eat Kinder Bueno?
Kinder Bueno, sold in packs containing two individually wrapped bars; we recommend eating one individually wrapped bar as a serving of Kinder Bueno!

20g Kinder Joy Wholesale

Kinder Joy, a popular confectionery product created by the Italian company Ferrero. It is a unique treat that combines elements of a chocolate egg and a toy surprise, designed to bring joy to children and chocolate enthusiasts. Here’s an overview:

Product Design:

  • Dual Components: Kinder Joy consists of two separate halves, each with its own purpose.
  1. Edible Half: One half of the Kinder Joy egg contains a creamy, milk-flavored chocolate spread with two round, chocolate-covered wafer balls.
  2. Toy Surprise Half: The other half of the egg contains a small toy surprise, usually a simple assembly or collectible toy, often based on popular characters or themes.

Experience and Consumption:

  • Interactive: Kinder Joy offers an interactive and playful experience for consumers, especially children. The process of opening the egg, enjoying the chocolate, and discovering the toy surprise adds to the enjoyment.
  • Separate Sections: The edible and toy sections of the Kinder Joy seems clearly divided, making it easy to enjoy the chocolate and toy separately.

The wafer layers inside Kinder Bueno are light and crunchy, providing a contrast to the creamy hazelnut filling. The milk chocolate coating adds a sweet and smooth flavor to the overall taste experience. Kinder Bueno has a distinct and enjoyable texture that makes it a favorite treat for many people.

Apart from the classic Kinder Bueno, Ferrero also introduced variations such as Kinder Bueno White. However, these features white chocolate instead of milk chocolate, and Kinder Bueno Mini, which makes smaller-sized versions of the original bar.

Kinder Bueno commonly found in grocery stores, convenience stores, and other retail outlets in various countries. It has become a well-known and beloved chocolate snack enjoyed by people of different ages. However, product availability may vary depending on your location, so it’s always a good idea to check with local retailers for the most accurate information. Original Kinder Bueno Chocolate bars


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