Sneak Energy Drink / Slush puppie / Milky way for Sale

FMCG Trade Center stands as a cornerstone in the distribution landscape, connecting retailers and consumers with a diverse array of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) from renowned brands worldwide. Among our extensive product portfolio, we proudly distribute a range of beloved brands, including Sneak Energy Drink, Slush Puppie, Milky Way, Orbit, Turkish Delight, M&M, Cadbury, Kinder Cards, Daim, and Lu Cha Cha.

Sneak Energy Drink 12 x 500ml

Energize your day with Sneak’s innovative energy beverages, available in a variety of flavors to suit every taste bud.

Variants : (Tropikilla / Purple Storm / Raspberry Lemonade / Blizzard)
Unit Price 1,99 euro

Sneak Energy Drink
Sneak Energy Drink ingredients and benefits
Sneak Energy Drink specifications

Slush Puppie

Cool off with Slush Puppie’s iconic frozen treats, perfect for satisfying cravings on hot summer days.

Slush Puppie Freeze Squeeze Drink 12 x 250ml

Variants : (Strawberry / Pink Bubblegum / Blue Raspberry / Sour Cherry)
Min BBD: 9 Months
138 Cases / Pallet
Unit Price 1.10 eur

4 Slush Puppie for sale in bulk

Milky way

Milky Way for sale: Indulge in the smooth, creamy goodness of Milky Way chocolate bars, a timeless favorite for chocolate lovers.

Wholesale Milky Way 21.5g x 56
EAN: 5000159551076

CASE: 56
1 PAL : 340 CASES

PRICE: 0,185 eur

Milky way 21.5g


Orbit for sale: Freshen up your breath with Orbit’s refreshing chewing gum, available in a range of minty flavors for long-lasting freshness.

Get Orbit bag 21 offer
Orbit Spearmint, Peppermint 21 bag 

Price :0.66 EUR/pc

Available Flavors:

NameCasesPalBBD (Y/M/D)
Orbit Spearmint Bag – 21154052025.02.03
Orbit Peppermint Bag – 21123242025.04.21

MOQ 1 pal/ type
Leadtime 2-3 days
Languages: HU, SK, CZ


NameEAN caseEAN pcPcs/caseCases/ pal
Orbit Spearmint Bag – 214009900546768400990049244722308
Orbit Peppermint Bag – 214009900546713400990054672022308
Orbit Spearmint sugarfree
Sugarfree Orbit peppermint

Turkish delight

Turkish Delight: Treat yourself to the tropical flavors of Turkish Delight, a delectable confectionery enjoyed around the world.

ImageInner EANProductPackingLyr QtyPlt QtyUnitPromo End Date
 7622201783808Fry’s Turkish Delight Mini Bars 7 Pack 105g20x105g1199€        1,3604/04/2024


M&M: Delight in the colorful, chocolatey goodness of M&M’s, available in a variety of flavors and sizes for snacking on the go.

ImageInner EANProductPackingLyr QtyPlt QtyUnit PriceExpiry DatePromo End Date
 5900951308093M&M’s Brownie Chocolate £1.25 PMP Treat Bag 70g16x70g20260€        1,1917/11/202414/03/2024


Cadbury: Experience the rich, velvety taste of Cadbury chocolate bars, crafted with care from the finest ingredients.

DescriptionCase SizeWeightEANPallet QtyUnit Price
Cadbury Crunchie4840g5000201468611336€             0,415
Cadbury Twirl4843g5000201499776270€             0,57
Cadbury Boost4848.5g5034660522782280€             0,54
Cadbury Double Decker4854.5g7622210106421230€             0,50
Cadbury Picnic Chocolate Bar3648.4g5000312002131250€             0,61
Cadbury Star Bar3249g7622201749637420€             0,58

Other Promotional Sales

Cadburys Animals 7pk available at the moment as this pack is being reduced to a 5pk.

  • MOQ 13 pallets.
  • Price 1,03 euro
Product DescriptionUnit SizeUnits per CaseCases per Pallet Unit BarcodeCase Barcode
Cadbury Animal Mini’s (BBD 06/09/24)7pk89676222107372507622210737274

Cadbury’s Multi packs which I hope will be of interest.

  • MOQ – 13 pallets assorted as required.
  • Fresh Stock.
  • Status T1
  • Only COO
Product DescriptionUnit SizeUnits per CaseCases per PalletCost per Unit Unit Barcode
Cadbury Crunchie 4 Pack104.4g104341,28€7622210989505
Cadbury Twirl 5 Pack107.5g201711,25€7622210989246
Cadbury Dairymilk 4 Pack108.8g142701,25€7622201461911
Cadbury Flake 4 pack80g201711,25€7622210989192
Cadbury Wispa94.8g113241,25€7622210989192

My supplier have the following available in 2 weeks time:

  • Price 0,95 eur
Cadburys Dairy Milk Plain 21 x 110g35070007622210521811Mar-2520
Cadburys Dairy Milk Fruit & Nut 18 x 110g35021007622210644817Mar-256
Cadbury Dairy Milk 110g

Kinder cards

Kinder Cards Distributors in Europe: Discover the fun and flavorful world of Kinder Cards, perfect for sharing moments of joy with loved ones.

Kinder cards 76,8g – 3 pack
Buying price 1,23 euro


Daim wholesale: Indulge in the irresistible combination of crunchy caramel and smooth milk chocolate with Daim chocolate bars.

Daim Bar 3pk available in the next 3 weeks if required.

  • MOQ 13 pallets.
  • Fresh Stock.
  • Price 0.96 euro
Product DescriptionUnit SizeUnits per CaseCases per Pallet Unit Barcode
Daim Bar 3 Pack3x28g242167622300476236
Daim 3

Lu Cha cha

Quench your thirst with Lu Cha Cha’s refreshing beverages, available in a range of flavors to suit every palate.

Lu Cha Cha Maxx 34g- 0,415 eur

Lu Cha cha Maxx

At FMCG Trade Center, we pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence in distribution, ensuring that these esteemed brands reach consumers worldwide with efficiency and reliability.

With our extensive network of suppliers, logistics partners, and a dedication to customer satisfaction, we continue to be a trusted partner in delivering quality FMCG products to markets around the globe.

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