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About us FMCG Trade Center best bulk vendor shop online in Europe, particularly in France. FMCG Trade Center is a type of wholesale marketplace where retailers can purchase a wide variety of fast-moving consumer goods at competitive prices.

Low Pricing

As a trusted supplier, we provide the cheapest prices in the market. Order in bulk at factory prices for retailers.

Legal Informations

SIREN: 921 915 914 

SIRET: 921 915 914 00011

VAT: FR43921915914

RCS: 921 915 914 R.C.S. Creteil

Environment Friendy

At FMCG, we are pioneers in the realm of eco-friendly solutions, healthier future for our planet and generations to come.

Wordlwide Shipping

We provide global logistics services through our partnership with Maersk, CMA CGM and DHL.


At FMCG Trade Center, we understand the incredible power behind providing high-quality, fast-moving consumer goods that cater to the ever-evolving needs and preferences of modern consumers. Our pride ourselves on our relentless pursuit of innovation, rapid product development, and impeccable customer service, all working in harmony to offer an unparalleled buying experience.

Established with a vision to transform the fast-moving consumer goods industry, we have grown to become a trusted market leader, continuously pushing the boundaries of excellence in our product categories. Furthermore, our extensive product range, which includes everyday essentials such as food and beverages, personal care items, and household products, is designed to offer exceptional value and convenience for busy lifestyles.

In the bustling world of commerce, speed and agility are paramount. The Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sector is a radiant embodiment of this truth. This industry is known for the rapid turnover of products, the retail shelves are always awash with fresh supplies, and the inventories are constantly being refilled. I am here today, standing at the zenith of this vibrant sector - the FMCG Trade Center. But before I begin unraveling the aspects of what makes this place tick, let me first introduce myself. Hi! I am [Your Name], and I have been ardently observing and participating in the FMCG industry for a significant time. Today, I am going to give you a tour through this remarkable center.

Our Goal

As a growth-driven business, we are committed to understanding market trends and consumer behavior to ensure that our products remain relevant and ahead of the curve. By prioritizing research and development, we are able to create cutting-edge products that reflect the changing requirements and desires of our customers.

We take immense pride in offering a diverse and inclusive work environment, nurturing and empowering our team of highly skilled and passionate professionals. Our team's unwavering dedication to the company's values has played an integral part in the rapid success and expansion of SwiftValue Consumer Goods. This strong foundation enables us to provide the highest quality products while maintaining competitive pricing.

Every day at the FMCG Trade Center is a fascinating journey. It introduces me to the evolving landscape of consumer goods, the people behind it, and the factors propelling it past the norms. Through exchange, innovation, relationships, and sustainability, this center stands as a pivotal link between consumers and their daily necessities.

Stay tuned as I bring you more behind-the-scenes insights from this dynamic world of FMCG. Trust me, being good at what we do is just the beginning. The real joy is in pushing boundaries and continually learning to stay ahead in the game.

about us - fmcg trade center - best suppliers in the market

Environmental sustainability and social responsibility are at the core of our operations. We strive to minimize our impact on the environment by incorporating eco-friendly practices and materials throughout our production and packaging processes.

Moreover, we work hand in hand with local communities, partnering with charitable organizations to give back and make a difference in the lives of those who need it most. About us, fmcg trade center will provide you quality product, eco friendly at affordable prices for your retailing stores.

At FMCG TRADE CENETR, our mission is to simplify and enrich the lives of our customers, one high-quality, affordable product at a time. By staying true to our values and placing our customers at the heart of everything we do, we are confident in our ability to continue delivering exceptional value while shaping the future of the fast-moving consumer goods market.

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  • +33 7 55 53 19 82 - +33 7 44 08 12 54
  • sales@fmcgtradecenter.fr

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