KSI & Logan Paul’s Prime Hydration Drink Massive Market Sales

Prime Hydration drink – the company that’s not just making a tsunami, but reshaping the world of beverages with their waves. Imagine capturing lightning in a bottle, well, they’ve got a storm inside their uniquely shaped bottles, with their impressive range of sports drinks, mixes, and energy boosters.

Backed by two internet behemoths Logan Paul and KSI, Prime Hydration has proven it isn’t just another sports drink; it’s a global sensation reaching all ends of the earth. Thanks to strategic social media promotions, they’ve not only climbed the beverage charts but are now rubbing shoulders with the top ten globally.

It gets better. Prime Hydration isn’t just about the impeccable drinks; they’re the chosen sip of major sports teams like Arsenal FC, LA Dodgers, Barcelona FC, Bayern Munich, the UFC, and athletes of even more sports. To Prime Hydration it’s not just about quenching thirst; it’s about being the official hydration partner of champions.

Leveraging the influence of Logan Paul and KSI, Prime Hydration has turned heads and created a viral demand for their products. So, if you’re ready to elevate your hydration game and be in good company with global icons and sporting giants, Prime Hydration is the name to remember.

Prime Hydration Drinks; What is it?

Meet the game-changer in the sports drink arena – Prime Hydration, LLC. Born out of the aftermath of Logan Paul and KSI’s epic boxing bouts, this brand didn’t just come to play; it came to challenge the big dogs of the beverage world. Picture this: a record-breaking collaboration that was more than just an Instagram live-stream announcement – it was the birth of Prime Hydration.

In a world where the dust settles after the punches, Prime emerged as the unexpected champion. The story begins not with a trilogy announcement but with the unveiling of a brand that would make waves, crashing into the beverage industry. Now, we’re not saying it was all smooth sailing – there were moments when KSI hit pause, leaving the group chat, leaving Logan Paul to make the call of a lifetime.

But wait, rewinding a bit. Before the Insta-live spectacle, there were clandestine talks with investors, a rendezvous with Congo, the Kentucky-based powerhouse, and a year of behind-the-scenes hustle. Logan Paul, armed with determination, convinced KSI to be his partner in Prime Hydration history, pleading his case like a true salesman and friend

Fast forward to 2022, and Prime Hydration isn’t just a drink; it’s a phenomenon. With bold flavours that pack a punch and functional benefits that rival the giants of the industry, Prime has positioned itself as the David ready to take on the Gatorade and Powerade Goliaths. Get ready for a sip of rebellion – this was set to be a Primetime competition.

Introduction of Prime Hydration in Energy Drinks

Hold onto your hats – Prime didn’t just launch; it exploded onto the scene on January 8, 2022, exclusively hitting Walmart where it sold out hours after hitting the shelves of the US superstore chain. Selling out online in four days flat. Fast forward to June 17, 2022, and the UK got its hands on Prime, initially a modest £1.50 quencher that turned into a treasure hunt. The demand was so intense that even Prime Hydration couldn’t keep up, resulting in a 50p price hike and a supply chain overhaul.

But wait, there’s more. The UK Prime, once a US import, found refuge in the capable hands of the Dutch maestros at Refresco, the genius minds behind UK favourites like Old Jamaica and Calypso. And just when you thought it couldn’t get wilder, Arsenal FC entered the game. On July 28, 2022, KSI’s favourite football team became the face of Prime, launching an Arsenal-branded bottle and leaving fans, Logan Paul, and KSI in awe. Buy Energy Drinks from our website at cheap prices.

Prime Energy Drink Europe

Now, here comes the plot twist – where there’s demand, there’s a black market. Prime bottles became the unicorns of corner stores and petrol stations, with prices reaching a staggering £20 a bottle. ‘Wakey Wines’ in Wakefield took the word ‘audacity’ to new heights generating a social media storm, selling 12 bottles of Meta Moon for an eye-watering £419. Overpriced? That might just be the understatement of the century.

So, if you’re not sipping Prime, you’re missing out on a non-fizzy revolution. Get ready to join the Prime party – it’s not just a drink; it’s a black-market blockbuster!

Hold tight because 2022 was no ordinary year for Prime Hydration. Logan Paul and KSI took us on a wild ride through a sea of hydration innovation, starting with social media marketing that left us all parched for more. Where to buy energy drinks Prime 500ml US version in Europe.

They kicked off with Ice-pop on July 4, 2022, a flavour drop designed to be the perfect supplement for the summer. Then, they hit us with Meta Moon on September 12, igniting a frenzy of excitement. But the year’s grand finale came on September 28 with Prime Hydration Sticks, joining the hydration alternatives party with a bang.

Prime Hydration Drink Choose From 10 Flavors Lemon Lime, Tropical Punch, Blue Raspberry, Meta Moon, Strawberry Watermelon, Lemonade, Grape, Ice Pop, Orange, Glowberry.

2023: A Pageant Of Perpetual Prime

But amidst the chaos, Prime climbed into the top 6 hydration beverages worldwide. On January 3, they dropped Prime Energy, cans bursting with 200mg of caffeine and five core delicious flavours. Hold onto your seats because they didn’t stop there – a new flavour, Strawberry Watermelon, hit the shelves just six days later on January 9.

Sealing the deal, on January 31, they partnered with the heavyweight in combat sports – the UFC. And on February 11, they declared their official conquest of Australia, marking their territory on the international stage. Buy Prime Blue Raspberry online

But here’s the kicker – not even half a month later, they reportedly spent under 7 million to make a splash at the Super Bowl, becoming the first YouTubers to do so. Their Prime Hydration Commercial was more than a commercial; it was a marketing masterpiece, breaking the mould and giving us a taste of their unapologetically bold style. Move over, traditional ads – Prime just took centre stage. Get ready for a hydration revolution with a side of controversy!

Prime Filled 2023 With Flavour!

Hold tight, hydration enthusiasts – Prime Hydration began their rollout for a flavour fiesta in 2023 that’s creating ripples from the UK to the US and beyond. Let’s take a whirlwind tour through the tasting calendar because this is no ordinary sip; it’s a flavour adventure!

On February 14th, Prime unleashed the KSI X Prime mango flavour – a UK exclusive that took grocery retail by storm and even made its way across the pond via eBay.

Jump to May 15th, and the Lemonade flavour hit the shelves in its eye-catching yellow bottle, winning hearts worldwide. But the flavour parade didn’t stop there. On May 30th, Ice Pop Energy turned a fan-favourite bottle into a powerhouse of Prime Energy, earning cheers from fans and consumers alike.

And just when you thought you’d seen it all, enter Glowberry – a combo of sour apples and berry goodness that not only had fans queuing up but featured an ultra-rare alternative bottle. Limited-time exclusive, and the battle for one was so fierce that it proved Prime fans are as ravenous as they come.

Prime drink wholesale

Prime Drink Wholesale Europe

Prime drink from UK version. But that’s not the end of the Prime story. They’ve gone global, opening distribution to several EU countries and South Africa. And on March 31st, they dropped a bombshell – new sponsorships with none other than the LA Dodgers, a baseball legend in every British household. And to sweeten the deal, they launched a limited edition LA Dodgers custom bottle featuring the crowd-pleaser ‘Ice Pop‘ flavour. It’s a home run in every sip – the Dodgers’ fans and hydration enthusiasts couldn’t get enough.
So, whether you’re sipping on a UK exclusive or chasing down a rare Glowberry bottle, Prime Hydration is making a splash, one flavour at a time.
Putting Sports Teams In Their Prime!

Hold onto your Prime bottles because Prime Hydration isn’t just playing games; they’re conquering the field! On July 1st, they scored big by adding Barcelona FC to their lineup, boasting global current and former superstars like Messi, Xavi, and Neymar. It’s not just a team; it’s a lineup of legends, proving that Prime doesn’t just aim high; they redefine the peaks.

But they didn’t stop there – oh no! On August 10th, they stormed into Germany, becoming the official drink sponsor for Bayern Munich FC, a team with thirty-two titles under their belt. Prime Hydration wasn’t just making waves; they were causing a Bundesliga tsunami.

Prime Time TV: The Prime Card!

Now, let’s rewind a bit to where it all began – influencer rivals turned boxing co-stars. KSI and Logan Paul, once throwing punches, decided to share the ring once more in what could have been the influencer boxing event of the century. Enter ‘The Prime Card,’ set for October 14, 2023 – an event where the brand wasn’t just on the sidelines; it was baked into the very fibres of the occasion.

The hype leading up to ‘The Prime Card’ wasn’t just anticipation; it was a full-blown Prime frenzy. Social media, news outlets, you name it – ‘Prime’ was the word on everyone’s lips. It showcased not just a boxing spectacle but the sheer brand power Prime Hydration amassed in under two years. So, whether you’re a football fanatic or a boxing buff, Prime Hydration isn’t just a drink; it’s a powerhouse making waves on and off the global stage.

Primes Closing Act Of 2023!

Hold onto your hydration hats because Prime Hydration isn’t just wrapping up the year; they’re throwing a celebration that’s hotter than a molten crucible! Picture this: on November 6th, they dropped the bomb – a 48-hour extravaganza in both New York and London, all to mark the sale of over one billion bottles. That’s right, billion with a ‘B’ – because when Prime throws a party, it’s not just a sip; it’s a chugging train of excitement.

Now, here’s the prize – a £500,000 solid gold Prime bottle encased in a bulletproof case, suspended over a molten crucible. Talk about turning up the heat! To win this liquid gold treasure, contestants had to crack a 6-digit code in a mere 20 seconds. And if the code remained a mystery during the 48-hour window, well, say goodbye to the bling because those bottles were going down in molten flames. London vs. New York – a battle of wits and golden bottles. However that wasn’t the end of the heat in the proverbial kitchen, whichever city didn’t win their bottle first, would have to watch as their chance at half a million was melted!

Wholesale supplier Prime Hydration Drinks and Prime Energy Drinks

And the winner? A UK child visiting for merchandise and two promotional bottles. The heartwarming moment was captured on social media, with comments flooding in about how this little hero changed his family’s life. It’s not just a bottle; it’s a golden ticket to happiness. Here you can order energy drinks online in wholesale prices.

So there you have it – two years of Prime Hydration’s wild ride, from satisfying rabid thirst to dominating the market and etching the name ‘Prime’ into the global lexicon. From two influencers backed by Congo to a world-conquering sensation, Prime Hydration hasn’t just succeeded; it’s left a mark so distinct, that it’s practically a hydration tattoo on the pages of history. Cheers to Prime – the billion-bottle bash was just the beginning!

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