Aptamil 4 Toddler Milk Powder 800g


Aptamil 4 Toddler Milk Formula 2+ Years 800G.

Aptamil 4 Toddler Baby Milk Powder Formula, 2-3 Years, 800g (Pack of 6). 

More so Aptamil® Gold+ 4 Pronutra Biotik is also available.

  • Contains the goodness of cows’ milk
  • Contains 16 essential vitamins and minerals to support growth and development
  • Contains zinc, which is essential to immune system function
  • Contains calcium and vitamin D for normal teeth and bone structure
  • Contains Omega-3 DHA fatty acid
  • Sucrose-free
  • Does not contain artificial colours
  • Has a hint of vanilla flavour
  • Suitable for toddlers from 2 years whose nutritional intake may be inadequate
  • Not suitable for toddlers with cows’ milk protein allergies, lactose intolerance, galactosaemia
  • 900g tin format

Give your little one the nutrients they need with Aptamil Gold+ 4 Pronutra Biotik.

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Aptamil 4 Toddler Milk Bulk Buy

Aptamil 4 Toddler Milk Powder 800g, Between the ages of 2 and 3 years old, your toddler will develop important skills and show you more of their unique personality. A steady supply of nutrients throughout this stage will help to fuel their learning and provide the energy they need to stay active and alert. Learn which nutrients are important at this time and how to ensure they get enough, even when they’re going through a fussy phase.

Between the ages of 2 and 3 years old, your toddler is starting to expand their vocabulary and show off more of their unique personality. Our new and improved range of Aptamil Toddler Milks is enriched with nutrients to help support your toddler’s healthy start including Vitamin D to support the normal function of the immune system. When consumed as part of a varied, balanced diet, our toddler milk can help your little one get the nutrients they need, even if you’re dealing with a picky eater!

Aptamil 4 Toddler Milk Powder 2-3Y 800g
Aptamil 4 Toddler Milk Powder 2-3Y 800g

50 years exp Baby Milk Aptamil 1 New Born 6x800g - FMCG Trade center


Aptamil 4 Nutrition Value

. *% Reference Intake – a guide to the amount of vitamins and minerals needed per day for infants and young children, **Galacto-oligosaccharides/Fructo-oligosaccharides, †Long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids

Typical values per 100 ml prepared drink
Energy 248kJ
Fat 2.5g
of which saturates 0.7g
Carbohydrate 7.7g
of which sugars 5.8g
Fibre 0.7g
Protein 1.2g
Salt 0.06g
Vitamin A 78.1µg
Vitamin D 3.7µg
Vitamin E 1.4mg
Vitamin K 6.7µg
Vitamin C 19mg
Riboflavin 0.24mg
Vitamin B12 0.41µg
Biotin 2.0µg
Pantothenic Acid 0.88mg
Calcium 132mg
Magnesium 11.8mg
Iron 1.5mg
Iodine 18.4µg
Omega 3 0.023g

Aptamil for Sale in Bulk at Unbeatable Prices

In the world of parenthood, going the extra mile to ensure that your toddler gets the very best in every aspect of life is non-negotiable. But have you ever thought about the energy and cost efficiency of bulk buying, especially when it comes to toddler milk? This post will guide you with credible insights about toddler milk bulk buying, focusing on Aptamil.

Aptamil toddler milk is a top-quality product that deftly balances nutrition and value, lovingly crafted with essential nutrients to support your toddler’s healthy growth. In this blog, we not only highlight the reasons why you should consider purchasing Aptamil in bulk but also unveil where you can get them at pleasingly affordable prices.

1. Enjoy the Price Perks

The first and perhaps the most compelling reason to buy in bulk is savings. With bulk buying, the price per unit often decreases, offering a significant cost reduction over time. Because Aptamil is a daily necessity for your toddler, these savings can be drastic.

2. Minimize Shopping Trips

We all know how demanding kids can be, and frequent trips to the store can be exhausting and time-consuming. But with bulk purchases, you can stock up the pantry with enough to last a while, reducing the frequency of your shopping trips and granting you more time to spend with your little one.

3. Lessen Wastage

Purchasing Aptamil in bulky packages reduces the use of individual packaging, resulting in less waste.

4. Always Have It on Hand

Nothing compares to the peace of mind when you know there’s a surplus Aptamil stock at home. Storing up means you’ll always have an immediate supply ready, even if there are supply shortages or during unprecedented times.

5. Strike When the Iron Is Hot: Sale Events

Waiting for sales events or promotions can significantly lower the price of bulk buying Aptamil. These events often offer best discounts that make the bulk buy incredibly worth it.

There are various platforms that offer Aptamil for sale in bulk at cheap prices. Whilst supermarkets and pharmaceuticals are typical go-to places, e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and eBay take the lead in bulk buying due to their periodic warehouse sales and discounts.

It’s essential to also sign up for newsletters from Aptamil’s official website and other online baby food sellers. These emails will update you on upcoming offers, ensure you never miss a sale and help you plan your bulk buying effectively.

In conclusion, not only is buying Aptamil in bulk a practical choice to save money, it’s also a great way to ensure that your toddler’s nutritional needs are always met. Investing in Aptamil bulk buying is investing in your child’s health and your convenience. With a bit of planning and smart purchasing decisions, you can save a whole lot more than just money.

Sign up, start shopping in bulk, stock up on Aptamil, and let your toddler feel the love in every sip! Happy parenting and happy saving!

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