Laurent-Perrier Champagne

FMCG TRADE CENTER takes you today through the vines of the Laurent-Perrier estate, one of the most famous names in Champagne. It was in 1812 that the venerable house was founded.

What follows is a story punctuated with reinventions, successes and moments of expansion. Get off the beaten track to discover a brand that is certainly more confidential than some champagne giants, but no less precious for the quality of its wines and its audacity.

Discover the Laurent-Perrier estate and taste a cult champagne

During the Second World War, Laurent-Perrier belonged to the Resistance. The two eldest sons of the dynasty took to the maquis, before relaunching distribution in 1945. It was in a way a rebirth for the house. In 1948, Laurent-Perrier employed about twenty people and shipped more than 80,000 bottles.

Laurent-Perrier, closer to the land

The rapid and unexpected expansion of the brand was organized by Bernard de Nonancourt, the refounder of the house. What best characterizes the signature? Probably the spirit of independence cultivated for many decades. Rare are indeed the champagne houses to present such an iconic charm. In addition, Laurent-Perrier relies on the creativity of its teams to stand out from the competition.

More so, champagne for sale from warehouse. The key to success lies in the very stable local establishment of the house. Close and privileged relations have indeed been woven with the winegrowers and local actors. Laurent-Perrier claims its own style based on the finesse and freshness of its wines.

 Treat yourself to the Cuvée Rosé, jewel of the Laurent-Perrier champagne house

The Cuvée Rosé was created in 1968, not without taking a certain risk. Champagne is now recognized by specialists as a must. At the tasting – which must be patient and attentive – you will like the aromas of red fruits, dominating the composition with great elegance. Laurent-Perrier Cuvée Rosé is a cult product, an icon in the world of champagne. See its bottle with opulent curves.

It seduces even the best-informed connoisseurs and the fiercest juries. Know that the bottle is one of a kind: a collector’s item for your cellar. The dress is refined, oscillating between raspberry and salmon.

The nose resembles a walk in a summer wood filled with red fruits and wild berries. Perhaps you will notice the singular contribution of black cherries. After an exciting attack, the champagne generously delivers its suppleness and tasty roundness to you.

What grape variety is used? Pinot Noir only. The wine is made up of a dozen exceptional crus located around the Montagne de Reims.

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With Laurent-Perrier, takes you for a walk on the Côte de Bouzy, legend of Champagne. As for aging, it lasts at least 5 years. In fact, the Cuvée Rosé is an avant-garde product.

Since 1968, the jewel of the Laurent-Perrier house has inspired many compositions. When making your choice, however, from a strong contrasting range, we suggest that you opt for the first and timeless creation, the one that contributed to bringing champagne into a new era of modernity.

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