Cow & Gate

Cow & Gate Baby Milk Trader

Cow & Gate was a United Kingdom based dairy products company, which expanded into milk bottling, distribution, and baby food production. It merged in 1959 with United Dairies to form Unigate plc, which today is known as Uniq plc. The brand survives as a specialist baby food brand, owned by Netherlands-based Numico, now owned by Danone.

Renaming the entire company Cow & Gate in 1929, during the 1930s it worked with medical clinicians to scientifically develop specialized formulas to cater to infants with speciality, including:

  • Frailac: for premature infants
  • Allergiac: for babies sensitive to certain constituents of cow’s milk
  • Cereal food designed to start babies on mixed feeding at an earlier age

Is Cow & Gate halal?

At FMCG Trade Center, we respect the cultural and religious practices of all our parents and their children.

That’s why we’ll only describe our products as halal if they have been given a halal certificate from an Islamic halal authorisation body.

Recently, we have decided to discontinue our fruit pot products. This means that these products will start to be discontinued from retailers in April 2022, gradually being phased out of stores over a period of several months.

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