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Unwrap a piece of Alpenliebe Gold Candy for sale and surrender yourself into the creamy smooth embrace of milk chocolate, lovingly blended with other esteemed ingredients.

The delicate dance of sweet and buttery flavors will awaken your taste buds, promising an epicurean journey into the heart of Europe. Imagine the crunch of quality, hand-selected nuts, the sweet twang of plump, sun-dried raisins, and the naughty little tease of well-aged liqueur. Yes, our chocolates are a sensory round trip to Europe’s finest confectionery traditions.

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Alpen Gold milk chocolate brand sold in Eastern Europe, including Poland, Russia, and Ukraine. The products combine chocolate with other ingredients, such as nuts, raisins, and liqueur. The products under the Alpen Gold brand include chocolate bars, boxed chocolates, and pralines. In 2019, Alpen Gold won the Best Brands award for the bar chocolate segment. Alpen Gold also entered the top 10 brands in the Best Food Brand category in Russia. Buy Alpenliebe Gold Candy in bulk.

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Alpen Gold was established in 1992 by Stollwerck as a special chocolate brand for the post-Soviet republics. The name was chosen based on market data which showed that Russian and post-Soviet consumers prefered “foreign” or “European” sounding names for the trust and premium quality the names implied. Through the 1990s, the chocolate brand with its tiled chocolate bars became popular, and was included in Ukrainian films of the time. Production in Russia only began in 1997. Alpenliebe Gold Candy for sale

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In 2001 Stollwerck sold its Eastern European assets, including Alpen Gold, to Kraft Foods. In 2012, Kraft Foods changed the division dealing with sweets and chocolate to Mondelez International. Where to buy Alpenliebe Gold Candy

Every product under the Alpenliebe Gold Candy umbrella encapsulates a blend of tradition and innovation. From our meticulous sourcing of ingredients to our dedicated passion for confectionery craftsmanship, each bite-sized delight is a testament of our love for creating joyous moments, one sweet tooth at a time. Buy Alpenliebe Gold Candy

Treat yourself with Alpenliebe Gold Candy, where every bite is an ode to the warmth and richness of Eastern Europe’s finest milk chocolate. Whether it’s a gift for a special someone, or a delightful indulgence for your personal treasures, Alpenliebe Gold Candy satiates your cravings with the purest expressions of love and indulgence. Welcome to the mesmerizing world of Alpenliebe, where quality meets pleasure, and every indulgence feels golden!

Nutritional value in 100g

  • 6.0 g, calories
  • 57.5 g, including sugar
  • 56.5 g, fats
  • 30.0 g, including saturated fatty acids
  • 16.0 g, food fibers
  • 3.0 g, sodium
  • 0.16 g.

Energy value in 100 g – 2205 kJ / 525 kcal.

Weight184 g


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